The International Cellist

DAVE LOEW cellist was born in Kenya, his family were show business stars in London and Budapest before moving to Nairobi after WW2. DAVE began playing cello at 6 on the family farm close by the wilds of the Serengeti plains and teeming wildlife. His very first fan "Simba" an aged Black mane Lion who would come to sit by the boy as he practised his tiny cello.

Dave Loew

DAVE LOEW's career has followed an often rocky but fascinating and colourful path across forty years taking the cello often where no cello had gone before. Indeed in the 1990's Australian Media referred to him as the “Indiana Jones” of classical music. His very first album cover primed to break down traditional values and barriers around classical music. This succeeded his DEBUT album becoming a platinum seller over 45,000 copies in Australia and “Best classical album” the 1988 ARIA awards.

Moving to London in the 1970's he joined the illustrious London Symphony Orchestra under Andre Previn, working in major venues and recording studios such as Abbey Road and The Royal Albert Hall. Encounters with countless celebrities became “the norm,” these included Pavarotti, Sutherland in opera, John Williams and Henry Mancini in film, legends such as Barbra Streisand, Sting Cliff Richard, David Essex and Mike Oldfield of “Tubular Bells” fame, which launched Richard Branson, as well as impresarios Sir Lloyd Webber and Sir Cameron Mackintosh.

Returning to base in London in the 1990s he created “Safari in Classics” his own record label, which with self-marketing and some 2,000 appearances, went on to sell in excess of 2 million albums, more than any other Australian Classical artist.

The Daily Telegraph story Oct 2004 broke news Headlines around the world when Dave hired the Royal Albert Hall London. Many of these characters are written about in I AM CELLIST as well as his own fascinating family of show business personalities whose lives spanned classical ballet, dance music, early jazz and musical theatre right across the 20th Century.

Dave Loew – I am Cellist book cover
I am Cellist by Dave Loew

The Book offers time capsules from across the 2 World Wars and the Holocaust experience to lives lived in the wholly unique world of colonial East Africa, the boomtime 60's Australia, Europe and England. Every story is true fact and Dave first started this mission in 1998 in England soon after his father's passing. DAVE LOEW is a self-made International recording artist, and I AM CELLIST was written without a ghost. Released March 1st, 2020, I AM CELLIST is prolific large Paperback RRP A$29.99 with over 100 black and white images. Order your copy today! The book is also available from Dynmocks, Amazon, Booktopia, Fishpond and all good stockists.